Massa admite sus errores, da la clave y Kimi muy serio.

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Massa ha comentado a la RAI, explicando la maniobra de la salida:
“The McLarens started very well and managed to reach Turn 1 better than us. I tried to resist but at the second turn, in order not to touch Alonso I had to brake, and Hamilton had a bit of a better line so he managed to overtake me there. In the end I’m not sorry I did because sometimes you have to. This time it didn’t work out, but I hope next time it will”.

Pasado a limpio, ha hecho una salida como el culo pero tiene más moral que el Alcoyano.

Descarta a su vez algo que tenga que ver con el asunto del fondo movible que la F.I.A. les ha hecho revisar:

“No, we had a good speed here. We tried the new rule here in testing and the car behaved the same so that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that they’ve improved and we need to improve more ourselves“.

Confirma el dato de que McLaren ha trabajado fuerte y ellos han estado en otras cosas. Se presume que el G.P.España en Montmeló va a ser brutal.

Kimi ha admitido que sabían que aquí las cosas no iban a ir bien:
“The whole weekend has been quite difficult we had to compromise too many things and lost too much speed, it was one of the weekend where we had to do what was needed to do to get the most points.

The car wasn’t difficult to drive, but it was just not fast enough. We know the reasons why we were not quick this race, but unfortunately we were in the position where we could not do anything. Hopefully the next race we can turn the tables and fight for the win again.”

Os pregunto: ¿No echáis de menos a Michael Schumacher? Yo, sí.



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